ProTech Thermal Services specializes in aftermarket pump support and replacement of any furnace application within the industry. Due to constant runtime, most pumping systems require ongoing maintenance and also may need to be rebuilt or serviced. ProTech Thermal Services pump technicians are some of the industries leading experts and can improve the functionality and performance of any pumping system. Some models and types of pumps we service are as follows but not limited to:

-Diffusion Pumps
-Mechanical Pumps
-Rotary Pumps
-Booster Pumps
-Holding Pumps

If you have a pump that requires repair or maintaince, ProTech Thermal Service's is your #1 aftermarket support to perform any kind of task. When servicing a pump we supply our customers with a temporary comparable pump for use while their pump is being worked on. We focus on making pump servicing a convenient and stress free task for our customers . If you are looking for a new pump we also offer NEW REPLACEMENT pumps to fit any requested application in the heat treat industry.