ProTech Thermal Services manufactures new replace or rebuilt Hot Zones with the features & capabilities of :

    • Insulation used in our Hot Zones typically will be manufactured with any of the following:
      • All metal design (5 Layers).
      • Graphite Felt Insulation with Carbon Fiber Composite Hot Faces.
      • High Purity Ceramic blanket with moly hot face.
      • Hot face designs: Carbon composite, molybdenum, and graphite foil.
    • Our ProTech Thermal Services designed flanged ventri graphite screw in nozzles cover 360° around the circumference of the hot zone.
    • ProTech's Hot Zones are designed with various kinds of heating elements which are available: MLa type heating elements, curved graphite elements or flat graphite elements to ensure temperature uniformity.
    • ProTech's Hot Zones have the capability of operating in temperatures as high as 3000°F 1538C°.
    • Hearth composition can be manufactured out of Molybdenum, graphite or a combination of both
      All Hot Zones are uniquely designed to be compatible with each customer's furnace application and heat treating requirements.


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